How a small dream changed our small family.


2020 was the year that changed many lives forever, it was also the year we decided it was time to make our dream a reality. Seth was working in the oilfield for 10 years, he was gone more than half of the year, every year. He was on 24-hour call and never really having a chance to “plan” life together was a challenge we endured. Fast forward to 2017, we welcomed our boy, Ezra into the world. Ezra changed the game for us and for years we went back and forth on what can we do to get Seth home for good!

Seth and I both have art degrees from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, which was collecting dust, literally! One day Seth ran across an ad for Glowforge and the wheels started turning. 2020 Seth was slammed with work and was gone 210 days while I was holding down the fort with a 2.5-year-old alone during a global pandemic.

In February 2021, we saved as much money as we could and built a 25x30 woodshop behind our home, and created a home office with the Glowforge. Our creative juices were overflowing and Aaron Grey Co. was finally born!

         Aaron is Seth’s Middle name and Grey is Ezra’s Middle name, we wanted a crisp clean name that didn’t really have anything to do with just wood because we had no idea what we were going to create. We worked all hours of the night, drawing, brainstorming, and testing out our own designs. We were accepted into a very large local Farmers and Artisans market in Lafayette which gave Seth the opportunity to QUIT the oilfield and be home for good in July 2021! We started to travel more around our state to different festivals, and market pop-ups, and finally created our own website

         Starting a new business was already a huge jump but we started to really crank out a ton of different items! Hand-painted earrings, plant accessories, home décor, artwork, and so much more! We tried to make each item unique and our own designs. As time went on, we changed designs and figured out how to use our time in a more productive way. We quickly grew out of our Glowforge and started doing our research on what company to upgrade with. We scheduled a meeting with the sales team at AEON and I had a very long list of questions that were not only answered but were thoroughly explained. We knew we wanted to be a part of the AEON family the second we hung up the phone!

         Aaron Grey Co started to quickly blow up in every wonderful way possible, with a fast-growing small business meant a massive upgrade. We welcomed our brand new baby in June of 2022, the SuperNOVA 14! Aeon has changed our lives and our business in so many ways possible! We take pride in what we do and our Nova executes our ideas in the best and flawless way. We started with a small inventory in our local farmers market and now we are wholesaling all over the U.S.! We are saving up for a second Nova this year! Looking back, the stars aligned in every way to make our little dream a huge reality. Every morning I wake up thankful, and every night I go to sleep exhausted but so fulfilled, all because of Aeon.