A Funny Little Love Story.

     It’s a Saturday night and you are getting ready to go on a speed dating event. You are ready to find that perfect match and you have a long checklist you need all of the boxes checked off. You sit down and this tall dark and handsome person sits down in front of you, let’s call him Mr. Aeon 😉 You immediately grab your list and start asking the hard questions and he is just checking every single box off! It’s love at first sight and you hear wedding bells in the background. I painted a pretty clear picture for you, right? That’s exactly how we felt after our meeting or should I say “speed date” with Aeon! We had a long list of things we needed to check off. They answered every single question not only immediately but thoroughly. We made the final decision and said YES to a supernova 14, it took almost a year for it to come in so the anticipation was running wild! During the time we ordered the machine the world was still dealing with the effects of Covid. While waiting for the machine we prepared and built a 25x30 wood shop in our backyard just waiting for her to arrive! After many delay changes, the stars aligned yet again 9 months later we were able to go to Florida and personally pick up our machine! 

      Now that our machine was FINALLY home the “dating” phase started off to a rocky start. Going from a Glowforge with a bed size of 12x20 to the Supernova with a bed size of 35x55 was overwhelming but extremely exciting! The butterflies were fluttering but they quickly came to a halt. We were at a breaking point with the learning curve and almost ready to call it quits. After discussing the next step we decided couples counseling would be the next best thing. We called AEON and they referred us to EJ Rao, not only he saved us but gave us the confidence to take even bigger leaps into our relationship! Okay, Okay you get it again (lol) Not only EJ helped us in such a detailed way but he stayed with us until everything was understood and fixed. The amount of patience the tech team has for the thousands of Aeon owners is truly amazing. The strong community on social media is outstanding. The first month we had our new laser was so exhausting and we felt flat-out defeated. Once things just started clicking for us, that’s where the fun really began! Any time we felt stuck or in a slump with trying new things, we quickly ran to our phone and called up our superhero EJ and he came to our rescue every single time! It’s not just EJ that is top-notch it’s Emily, Danny, Jamie, and Will and that is just naming a few! Putting in a support ticket and the person helping you on the other line will stay with you until you figure everything out. I don’t know about you but can you name a support team that is that amazing? Go ahead, I’ll wait! 

      We sent out our “Save the Dates” they say when you know, you know! Everyone thought we were moving too fast but our love is real and it is deep! We took our relationship to the next level by making our small business our full-time job! The wedding bells were ringing and the rice was flying we jumped the broom and never looked back! The reason for us being able to take the leap was all about speed! The time it took us to make one item in the Glowforge was 35 minutes plus the time to mask both sides of the wood because of the char. That same exact item took our Supernova 5 minutes and no double masking. All we had to do was light sand or use an alcohol wipe and it was ready to go. Speed + Time = Success! Our supernova gave us the opportunity to wholesale, mass produce, and create backstock so we have a greater quality of life. Every relationship has its ups and downs but we chose this life every single day. Aeon gave us countless ways to love the company, the people, and the products because they checked off every box, we even added more boxes just to check off!